Download and installΒΆ

PyLangAcq requires Python 3.4 or above.

  • The latest stable release (version 0.9dev) – hosted at PyPI and therefore available via pip:

    $ python3 -m pip install pylangacq

    python3 is meant to point to your Python 3 interpreter. Administrative privileges (e.g., sudo on Unix-like systems) may be required.

    The stable release version is what the full documentation describes, unless otherwise noted.

  • Under testing and development – available at the GitHub repository

    This version likely contains experimental code not yet documented. You may obtain it via git:

    $ git clone
    $ cd pylangacq
    $ python3 install

To test your installation:

>>> import pylangacq
>>> pylangacq.__version__  # show version number

The Tutorial page introduces the basic functionalities of PyLangAcq.