PyLangAcq: Language Acquisition Research in Python#

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PyLangAcq is a Python library for language acquisition research.

  • Easy access to CHILDES and other TalkBank datasets

  • Intuitive Python data structures for flexible data access and manipulation

  • Standard developmental measures readily available: Mean length of utterance (MLU), type-token ratio (TTR), and index of productive syntax (IPSyn)

  • Direct support and powerful extensions possible for CHAT-formatted conversational datasets more generally

Download and Install#

To download and install the most recent version:

$ pip install --upgrade pylangacq

Ready for more? Check out the Quickstart page.

How to Cite#

PyLangAcq is authored and maintained by Jackson L. Lee.

Lee, Jackson L., Ross Burkholder, Gallagher B. Flinn, and Emily R. Coppess. 2016. Working with CHAT transcripts in Python. Technical report TR-2016-02, Department of Computer Science, University of Chicago.

   Title       = {Working with CHAT transcripts in Python},
   Author      = {Lee, Jackson L. and Burkholder, Ross and Flinn, Gallagher B. and Coppess, Emily R.},
   Institution = {Department of Computer Science, University of Chicago},
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MIT License. Please see LICENSE.txt in the GitHub source code for details.

The test data files included come from CHILDES, and have a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license instead; please also see src/pylangacq/tests/ in the GitHub source code for details.

Table of Contents#