Word search and concordance

Searching can be conveniently done by search() and concordance():


Return object


list of elements containing search_item


list of sents (rendered as str and aligned for search_item)

Both methods have the obligatory parameter search_item. They share the following optional parameters:

  • participant and exclude – see Child speech versus child directed speech

  • by_files – see Reader methods

  • lemma – default: False. If True, search_item refers to the lemma given by “mor” in the tagged words. Otherwise, search_item refers to the word token string.

  • match_entire_word – default: True. If False, search_item can match as a substring.

The search(search_item) method has two additional optional parameters:

  • output_tagged – default: True. If False, “words” in the return object are plain word token strings; otherwise they are tagged words of (word, pos, mor, rel).

  • output_sents – default: True. If False, the return object is a list of words (tagged or untagged), rather than a list of sents.